Saturday, October 5, 2013

Perfect Autumn Day

I might just be the tiniest bit of a perfectionist, but I HAD to tweak my pumpkin light.  Here is his new look, complete with pumpkin-y lines...

And, just above his nose, that little spot is actually a spider!  How perfectly Halloween!  He's so cute - here's another shot!
I also took Rosie for a walk in the lovely park in town.  It was a perfect autumn afternoon, maybe a bit warm for it to feel like autumn, but the light was golden and the geese were flying.  The statue and the windmill in the park acknowledge the many Dutch immigrants that came to Oak Harbor in the early days.

You can just make out the windmill above Rosebud (the reflection in the lagoon looks like it's balancing on his tail).
I've had a few of my neighbors stop by and tell me how cute the house is.  The yard definitely looks better now that the grass has greened up.  I need to get a new picture tomorrow.

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