Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kitchen Fixes

I wanted to get my knives out on one of those handy magnetic knife strips, but I didn't have any wall space large enough for even a small strip.  After puzzling over it for a while, I decided to mount the strip under one of my kitchen shelves.

I put the strip at an angle because I didn't want the knife handles sticking out in my way.  They are just over the stove.  I find this arrangement very handy and it takes advantage of some otherwise unusable space!

The large shelf brackets above my kitchen counter were crying out for SOME function (besides holding up the shelf).  I had hung my pots and pans over the windows, but the pesky lids had no home.  Then, it hit me - I got out some nails and...

The lids are out of the way AND within easy reach.  The nails are slightly bent around the edges of the lids to hold them securely.  The smaller lids (shown) only required two nails each.  The largest lid (you can kind of see one edge of it hanging below the far bracket in the top picture) required three nails - one I just twist out of the way when I use the lid.

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