Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Home for the Holidays!

Well, it's hard to beat the charm of this tiny house during the holiday season. Even without a fluffy blanket of snow, it looks cozy and cheerful, and, well, CUTE!

I've added some more lights and was able to snap a picture at sunset, so lights and house show up.

The temps are dipping around here, but the house holds heat very well. I'll check on my November electric bill tomorrow and let you know whether my idea of heating only with electric was a good one or not!


  1. okay. So, how was your electric bill?

    Considering propane costs now, my wife and I are thinking of maybe using electric heating and possibly tossing in a small woodstove like the "Little Cod" or "Sardine."

  2. I forgot to ask ... how is it insulated?