Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well, it got down to 24 degrees last night. It was 28 the night before. Not very cold compared to SOME parts of the country, I know, but very unusual here. Things here are just not made for freezing weather.

My November electric bill came in at $10 - double the normal bill, but I was expecting an increase. Still, it is something I can live with!

A reader asked about the insulation. It is 3 inch solid foam panels in between the studs. Seems very effective.


  1. Your house is adorable! Love the way you are able to incorporate your pets. Question: how do you keep it anchored? You mention your neighbors got rocked in the wind -- how does the Tumbleweed not get rocked? I'm also curious about whether you get claustrophobic in your home during stretches of bad weather?--Sarah

  2. Well... the house itself is built on a standard trailer. Here in the RV park, the trailer is raised off the tires and rests on concrete blocks. There is no anchor. The house is pretty heavy, being built of wood (and filled with me and my stuff!) and I think that perhaps the shape helps deflect the wind - RV's are blocky and flat roofed while the Tumbleweed has a steeply pitched roof. Maybe that helps? I'm not an engineer, so I really don't know.
    No, I do not get claustrophobic at all. There are three separate rooms/spaces to occupy, so I'm not stuck in just one room all the time. Truthfully, I actually look forward to rainy, windy days so I have an excuse to stay holed up inside! Of course, the weather here is usually mild enough that I can go out every day, at least to take the dog for a long walk.

  3. WOW..i could vacation all month and still have a higher electric bill.