Saturday, September 14, 2013

Deception Pass

It was foggy this morning and I thought it might be clearer inland, so Rosie and I headed towards Mount Vernon, WA to see if we could see the Cascades.  No luck!  We did visit a lovely and busy riverside park in Sedro-Woolsey, WA.  I saw the Skagit River.  Certainly seemed to be running swiftly and high.  On the way home I stopped at Deception Pass to get some pictures since it wasn't too hot in the car for Rosie and the area wasn't too overrun with tourists.
The tiny things that look like fence posts on the beach are fishermen!  As you can see, the fog was still around to the north and west.  That is the Whidbey Island shore.
Here is a shot of the bridge looking towards Whidbey (south) from the pedestrian underpass on tiny Pass Island.
 I think the tide was going out and, boy, that current was hauling!  I wouldn't want to get caught in it.  There were kayakers to the north, coming through the smaller pass and they were just being swept right along.  I don't think it would be possible to paddle against the current - even the speedboats seemed to be working hard.
It's just rock face down to the water - no place to come ashore.  Very beautiful.  This shoreline is Whidbey Island (looking east).

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