Thursday, August 16, 2012

Views of the Chetco River, Brookings

Wow!  Once again, I am astonished at how much time has gone by since my last post.  I am a pathetic blogger, let's face it!  : )

Ah well... this summer (2012) I decided I needed to paint the front door and the steps.  Not a big job, really, but we have had a pretty wet, cool summer, so finding good weather along with time in my schedule proved trickier than I thought.  I did get the door painted.  I very nice woman at Gold Beach Lumber spent quite a bit of time helping me match the color and, although it is a bit pinker than the original paint job, it's not a bad match. 

As I was prepping, I noticed that the window frame has some corrosion on it, so now I need to address that issue before winter.  Anything metal suffers in this coastal climate!

Here's a pic of where I live on the Chetco River.  If you look carefully, you can see the tiny house partially hidden behind the tree in the center of the picture!  I took this in early spring, so the trees are bare.

I took a helicopter ride this summer and got some views of the area.  Of course, we flew DIRECTLY over my house, so I couldn't get any shots of it!
This is a view of the Chetco River looking towards the Pacific.  My house is under the chopper, on the right hand bank (north) of the river.  The barren lot that is visible belongs to a local gravel contractor and is next door to the park.
This is a view of the Chetco looking inland (actually northeast!).  The Chetco is one of seven remaining "wild" rivers in America, renowned for being undammed, clean, and having excellent salmon fishing.  It was recently included in an article in National Geographic about the last wild rivers in America.  You can see Mount Emily, part of the Coastal Range, in the distance.  If I sound like a tour guide, it's because I can't help but promote this gorgeous place.  What a great spot for a tiny house!

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