Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back in the Loft Again

Well, it has actually been since May that I have returned to sleeping in my loft! I was really missing having my office to eat and read in. Funny how just those few extra square feet make such a big difference.

I have recovered completely from the hip revision surgery, although I still don't have quite my normal energy level. This summer I am determined to stain the outside of the house. I have finished the most difficult sides first; the front with the porch and gable above the porch; the south side which, due to the slope of the space I'm parked in, is quite a bit farther off the ground than the north side; and the back of the house, which is has the other gable end and is over the hitch. I will post some pics of the "new" Lusby - she's looking quite smashing with the "Century Redwood" stain.

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