Friday, April 1, 2011

Surgery a success!

My hip replacement went off without any complications. This was a "revision" or replacement of the original implant due to parts failure. Yes, I AM one of those people with a recalled Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip as advertised on TV. I certainly wasn't planning on doing this again so soon (my first surgery was in 2006).

Anyway, because I am not allowed to crawl for six months and cannot use my loft, I am now making use of the Lusby's downstairs bedroom. The left photo shows the cats on the futon as it looks folded for a couch. The right photo shows Rosebud stretched out on the futon opened into a bed. Right now I keep it open all the time, since I'm sleeping on it every night. The room is quite cozy for sleeping.

I found that the futon I bought was just too hard for long term sleeping. Fortunately, a kind neighbor here lent me a memory foam pad from her camper and that has saved my bacon! In the past I found the memory foam to be rather too warm for me, but this time I have a sheepskin pad on top and that solves the overheating issue. Post surgically, the house has been great - no hassles getting around this small space. I can climb the ladder as needed, but haven't ventured into the loft since January. I don't know if my female cat will ever allow me back in!

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